Happy Anniversary PJVAC!!

Happy Anniversary PJVAC!! Many people do not know, one year ago today PJVAC re-opened after an eye opening six week closure. Opinions vary on the cause of the closure, but one thing stood out; we could not let the community suffer. So, people got together and put their differences aside. From that PJVAC re-opened with a new strength and a new mission. This is where PJVAC adopted our new motto of “One Mission. One Team.”

In the year since our re-opening, we at PJVAC are stronger than ever before. Our volunteer personnel are more active than ever. We are more active in our community and plan on being even more active in the community in 2018.

We are so very proud of the accomplishments of our personnel. Expect even bigger things from PJVAC in 2018.

Don’t forget to donate. Every little bit counts.

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